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The membership of the Fogolar Association of Winnipeg is comprised of individuals whose origins are from the Regions of Friuli-Venezia- Giulia and Veneto Regions of Italy located in the north-eastern part of Italy.  And while most of our founders are no longer with us  they remain in spirit in the hearts and minds of the current membership which is primarily comprised  of 2nd,  3rd and 4th generation. It is very special that we continue to operate in modern times. It says something of our past members and family who instilled a strong sense and pride of heritage and culture.  Our founder’s membership objective was very different to that of today’s, at he onset, they gathered because they were new to the country, many were alone, did not speak English and the Fogolar became their new family, today, as most of us are 2nd and 3rd  generation, we are proud of our founders, we respect and have a strong affinity with the area where they came from and that is why we continues as best as we can to provide to enjoy the beauty and culture of the modern Friuli and the Veneto.

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