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Premio Campo Fogolar

The fund was established with the proceeds from the sale of the Fogolar’s Property and Clubhouse, Campo Fogolar “Anola” which was located in Anola Manitoba. The property was purchased in 1973 fuflfilling the dreams of the members who wanted a permanent gathering place and headquarters for their organization. The property was purchased with funds donated by members who are now recognized as the Founding Members of Campo Fogolar.  Unfortunately, it became difficult to maintain the property on a volunteer basis and ‘Anola” was sold in 2011. 


Established in 2016, the Premio Campo Fogolâr is an award recognizing students who maintain excellent academic standing and achievement, and who are community service oriented. The annual Award  is granted to a student (age 17-35) with origins from either Friuli-Venezia-Giulia or Veneto and who is enrolled in post-secondary studies or participating in a recognized cultural/academic program in Friuli Venezia Giulia/Veneto. The endowment was established with funds derived from the sale of Campo Fogolâr – the Fogolâr’s Centre in Anola, Manitoba. The purpose of the Premio is to immortalize the Fogolar establishing a living legacy which honours the resiliency, achievements, and heritage of its members. The award will be granted on an annual basis in perpetuity and  administered by the Winnipeg Foundation.

After applying online the following documents MUST be mailed to

  1. Copy of official transcript from the most recent educational institution you attended.

  2. Proof of acceptance into a qualifying program

  3. Two letters of reference ( e.g. Education, Employment, Extracurricular, Volunteerism)

Submissions due October 31, 2024
2024 Premio Campo Awards Poster  (3).png

Past Award Recipients


Donate to the Premio Campo Fogolar Award!

Currently, there are two annual awards of $1,000 and they will be awarded in perpetuity. It is our goal to increase the fund and eventually award more awards each year. Help us grow the fund!


If you would like to make a donation to the Premio Campo Fogolar Endowment Fund, you may do so by contacting the Winnipeg Foundation and stating that you would like to make a donation towards this fund, you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the entire amount donated. 

Questions on how to apply? Not sure if you're eligible?  Send us an email!

Thank you for your question, we will get back to you shortly!

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