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Our History 

On October 1958, the first meeting of the Fogolâr was held by four visionary Friulani: Romeo Bidinosti, Leo Copetti, Danilo Calligaro, and Adolfo Rimati who reminisced about their homeland. To maintain their language, traditions and customs they needed to form an organization that would unite all Friulani in Manitoba and in doing so would create a sense of the Famèe Furlane that they left behind. 

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The Fogolar’s history begins in January 18, 1959, its first president was Guerino Battigelli.  It’s mandate was simple, to be a fraternal organization providing moral and social support to families originating from the Friuli regions.  The organization allowed the members the opportunity to celebrate, preserve and share their cultural heritage, speak their friulano language in their new home of Winnipeg.


1961 marks the point the Fogolar extended its mandate to include members originating from the neighboring region of Veneto in Italy. Similar to the Friulani, the Veneti, had the vision and recognized the importance of preserving their identity by maintaining the regional customs, traditions and language. The new language used was a blend of friulano, triestino, trevisano, veneziano, vicentino…what a beautiful new language made in Manitoba! These members had participated and supported the Fogolar since its inception and thus were made equal members from henceforth.


On June 15, 1973 the Fogolar purchased the Fogolar Camp “ANOLA” a new point of meeting place and headquarters, operated by its members on a volunteer basis it was eventually sold in 2011. To maintain the legacy of Anola in perpetuity, proceeds from the sale were allocated towards the establishment of the Premio Campo Fogolar Award, an endowment administered by the Winnipeg Foundation, and awarded on an annual basis to a deserving student.       


During the last 62 years the Fogolar has organized and continues to host several social, recreational, educational and cultural events. Traditional activities include, briscola tournaments, Wine and Food tasting events, Dinners, porchetta, musetto and crostoli dinners, members attend Fogolar Federation conferences across Canada and in Italy, many of the children of the members attend cultural and linguistic exchanges in Friuli, paid by the Friuli nel Mondo and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.  To learn more about the Fogolar we encourage you to view our website and we look forward to you becoming a member or to participate in our activities.

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